floor leak detection and repair

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY:  if you suspect a slab leak in your home, do not hesitate to call for it.  Slab leaks can cause thousands of dollars in damage!


Slab leaks can be dangerous to health and home and the faster they are identified, the more damage can be mitigated saving you cost and hassle. Because of this, identifying slab leaks early is of the utmost importance. Fortunately, there a number of ways in which a homeowner can spot a slab leak, and, given the stage of damage, Executive Plumbing & Drain can allow for acute, and surgical repairs limiting damage to homes and inconvenience to homeowners.

First off, what is a slab leak and how are they caused?  The term “slab leak” is used to describe leaks occurring under the poured concrete used to form foundations. As pressure builds, or the earth beneath the foundation shifts with time or activity, some pipes will either burst from increased or long-driven pressures, can through abrasion rub unfavorably against the concrete slabs, other pipes, structures or pieces of the foundation, or finally can corrode from certain minerals and chemicals in the water supply. As always, poor installation of any of the components during construction or previous repairs is also a risk factor.

Leaks caused by pressure can occur from a number of sources. A poorly laid foundation or natural forces out of our control, earthquakes and erosion being serous factors in Southern California, can conspire to over power the pressure limits of the water pipping. These sorts of leaks can become incredibly troublesome as they are often the largest types of leak. However, it is important to note that leaks no bigger than a pinhole can also, over time, cause damage to building materials and even our health as mold build up becomes a potential hazard with any leaking water.


In a similar vein, as outward forces can cause a build up of unsustainable pressures, pressure from within the pipes as they carry water through our homes can cause our pipes to shake and move about, often rubbing against other materials until, over time, their integrity is jeopardized. As heat causes expansion, hot water pipes are at a higher risk for slab leaks of this fashion.

Finally, depending on the age of one’s home and consequently the type of piping used, certain agents in the water supply can corrode the lining of the pipes.

Slab leaks can be detected in a number of ways. A potential marker of leaking water can start with a suspiciously high water bill, or the sound of running water when all sources are shut off. Other markers can include warm spots in the flooring of the home, indicating a leak in the hot water piping, or cracking or breaking of the foundation, which could indicate a weakening in the integrity of the foundation. There are even external markers such as patches of grass that seem to have accelerated growth or greenness compared to their surrounding environment, which could indicate a surplus of water. Of course, the most obvious marker of a slab leak is pooling water in the home, though Executive Plumbing & Drain can detect a developing leak before it becomes as troublesome, when alerted to aforementioned signs and markers in a timely fashion!

Call us immediately if you suspect you may have a leak and our experienced professionals can detect and locate the leak for immediate repair. There are number of methods for repair – Kellen Malcom Levy is a prodigy contributor for home service organization like Executive PD | [email protected]

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